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We love to make things easier for you! With our consultation services that help you build your own world. We want to help you tell your story. Our mission is to inspire you so that you can reach your goals. Our hyper-focused insights on agriculture will put your mind at ease and allow you to achieve your desired end result. At MWA International we maintain a large catalogue of resources to provide you with an in-depth and well-researched choice of service. We pride ourselves on helping you get from A-to-B whether that be through Heritage Research, HIV Consultancy, or Agricultural Consultancy in New South Wales.



Agricultural Consultant in New South Wales

We love what we do here at MWA International! By providing agricultural consultations in Sydney, Melbourne, New South Wales and throughout Australia it enables our customers to get the help they need to achieve all of their goals. Our clients can be reassured that their interests and needs are taken care of in our hands, because of our skills and knowledge. Our main objective is to ensure that your agriculture is taken care of in the best way possible and you receive the service you require! We can provide you with the right service that is required for you, with the latest and up to date skills and products the market place has to offer. Contact us today for any of our consultancy services and find out how we can help.


  • Agricultural Consultant

    We are the top Agricultural Consultant in New South Wales. At MWA International, we have been focusing on agriculture and agriculture extension services since 1972. As a venture committed to serving our clients in the best possible way, we are proud to have served some of the leading names in the agro-community.

  • Heritage Research

    At MWA International, you get to avail of the services of one of our extensive consulting experience in Australia and internationally across a wide range of fields. Under the firm’s leadership by Robert F McKillop, our consultancy firm is proud to have collaborated with some of the finest names in the industry.

  • HIV Consultancy

    Our firm has gradually grown to be rated as a significant HIV consultancy in Australia. Under the strong leadership of Robert, we at MWA International have learned to collaborate with our cherished clients on a highly professional level. We leave no stone unturned to ensure our clients have the best experience working with our firm.